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Westoba Inspire Now Accepting Applications!

Applicants will have the opportunity to apply for projects up to $30,000....

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E-Waste Benefits ACC NAT Program

A recent computer upgrade by Westoba’s IT department offered a valuable resource donation for Assiniboine...

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Farm Succession Seminar

Join us on Wednesday, October 4th to learn how you can build a secure and...

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Mortgage Rates

Prime Rate7.20%
Mortgage Rates - Fixed
1 Year7.89%5.90%
2 Years7.49%5.80%
3 Years7.10%5.40%
4 Years6.89%5.60%
5 Years6.94%5.34%
Mortgage Rates - Closed Variable
5 Years Closed Variable6.20%
*   Rates are subject to change without notice.
** Some conditions may apply.