The Westoba Way

Investing in our communities is The Westoba Way!

Celebrating The Westoba Way

At Westoba, we believe that investing in our community is not just a duty but a privilege. Our commitment to the community goes beyond providing financial services. The Westoba Way encapsulates our dedication to making a positive impact. From local sponsorships to volunteering opportunities, we aim to enrich the lives of those around us and create a legacy of compassion and support. 

Our team has been busy this year celebrating The Westoba Way with members by actively participating, donating, and volunteering their time in community activities and events. 

“We love supporting the communities we live and work in, whether big or small,” says Heather Henrichs, Branch Manager in Killarney and Cartwright. “We all need to support each other and give back to our communities for them to thrive and future generations to enjoy!”

Samaritan House Ministries

Our Financial Planning team donated and volunteered at the Samaritan House Ministries recently. They spent time in the garden beds weeding and watering as well as working in the new orchard!

Swan Lake BBQ

Team Westoba was excited to feed 80+ people at the Swan Lake BBQ to support the Swan Lake Lions/Leo’s clubs for their upcoming playground project upgrades.

Cartwright Town & Country Golf Club

Our team in Cartwright donated patio umbrellas to the Cartwright Town & Country Golf Club to use at the picnic tables while grabbing a bite to eat.

Winnipeg Branch Community BBQ

Our Winnipeg team celebrated 60 years with a community BBQ. “At our event we also collected donations for our local Winnipeg Harvest and the Winnipeg Humane Society,” says Chris Miranda, Westoba’s Branch Manager in Winnipeg. “By the end, we collected a total of 54 lbs of donations.” 

"At Westoba, we believe that being a part of a community involves being responsible for what happens in our communities and showing up to support the people who need it," says Ashleigh Poole, Supervisor of Westoba Financial Solutions.