Text reads: For the health and safety of our communities, masks must be worn in branch.

As a community leader, we feel it is important to be proactive in our efforts to minimize COVID-19 transmissions. 

Therefore, starting Monday, August 17th, masks will be mandatory for employees and members/visitors in all our Westoba branches. 

We encourage members to bring their own mask if they have one, but complimentary disposable masks will be available and located at the sanitization stations set up at the entrance of each branch.  

Members are encouraged to bank digitally, through our WestobaGO Mobile App, Online Banking, or by giving our Virtual Services Team a call at 1-877WESTOBAWe also offer video appointments through Microsoft Teams! To make you next appointment a virtual “face to face” click here.  

We want to thank our members for their understanding and for helping us to do the utmost to keep our communities safe and healthy. We’re in this together!


Frequently Asked Questions

To help keep our staff and members safe, we have evaluated that mandatory masks are the right step to take.  

To proactively minimize and prevent transmissions in our communities, all staff and members/visitors must wear masks. 

Our priority is the safety of our employees, members and communities. 

You might notice some changes to your transaction while wearing a mask. To help ensure our members banking security, during your transaction our team might ask you more in-depth verification questions, or ask for a piece of photo ID 

Please note that while wearing a mask, you may find it harder to talk face to face and still maintain a low speaking volume. If you are discussing sensitive information during your transaction, our team member may ask to have you step to the side or go into a private room where you can discuss things without the worry of anyone overhearing your informationYou can also request to take a transaction somewhere privately 

We encourage everyone who visits our branch to bring their own mask if they canHowever, if you forgot your mask at home or don’t have one, Westoba is providing complimentary disposable masks that are located at the sanitization stations set up at the entrance of each branch.  

Masks are most effective in stopping the spread when worn and used correctly. Here are some tips to ensure you are using your mask properly:  

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer prior to putting on your mask 
  • Make sure the mask fits over your nose and mouth and that the elastic loops go around your ears – or if it has a strap, that the strap is tied securely around your head. 
  • Don’t touch the front of your mask while you wear it. If you do accidentally touch your mask, make sure to wash/sanitize your hands immediately.  
  • When you leave and go to remove the mask – don’t touch the front of the mask to do so. Instead, remove it using the elastic ear loops, or depending on the kind of mask, the tie strings around your head. 
  • Once you’ve removed your mask, place it in the lined garbage bin and then clean your hands by washing them or using hand sanitizer.  
  • Single-use, disposable masks are not meant to be re-used. Please throw them out once you’ve worn them. For re-usable masks, wash the mask between uses by putting it in the washing machine under a hot water cycle to sanitize the mask.  

Click here to visit the Government of Canada’s website for more information on using face masks. 

Westoba is taking extensive precautions to ensure the daily safety of our staff and members when they come into our branchesWe are following the guidelines set in place by local health authorities and our government, and we continue to access what proactive steps need to be take. Our most recent precaution is the introduction of mandatory masks for staff and members/visitors while in our branches 

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Westoba has increased our branch and ATM cleanings, installed clear plexi-glass barriers at our wickets and set up sanitation areas for everyone who enters the branches to use. We are limiting traffic in our branches and introduced front door monitors in our branches to help with branches experiencing high traffic. Currently, our open Brandon branches that receive higher foot traffic are using the front door monitor system, while our Winnipeg and rural branches with lower foot traffic are not.  

All our branches are practicing social distancing, and for the safety of you and those around you, we ask that you adhere to the ground decals to help maintain proper physical distance while visiting our branches.  

Most banking transactions can be done online and we encourage our members to think digital first when it comes to their banking.  

  1. Mobile App/Online Banking – you can bank fast, safely and securely wherever and whenever it suits you. You can check balances and account history, send money with Interac e-Transfer®, make bill payments, and deposit cheques.
  2. Virtual Services – our Virtual Services Team is available at 1-877-WESTOBA (937-8622) from Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 8:00 PM and Saturdays 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM.
  3. Video Appointments – make your next meeting a virtual one through our Microsoft Teams video appointment option! It’s a convenient and safe way to meet with your Financial Consultant, Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Financial Planner or anyone on the Westoba Team.
  4. Using debit/credit – we encourage members to use debit or credit when possible rather than physical cash. Westoba has increased MemberCards tap limit with a cumulative tap limit increase from a $200 to a $400 daily limit (the per transaction limit remains at $100) to help members continue to use cashless transactions. 

Due to staffing constraints some of our branches are operating under temporary hours. For a full list of our temporary branch operating hours, click here.