Westoba Credit Union

US Rates*

Foreign Exchange Rates

US Rates
Buying US Funds:1.3869
Selling US Funds:1.3367
Rates Updated May 17, 2024 9am

Did you know you can buy US money and deposit to your US account online? Just use the transfer feature on your online banking. Call 1-877-WESTOBA if you have questions!

US Term Rates

Use our Investment Calculator to help figure out your investment options.

US Dollars *Minimum $1000
30 - 59 Day Term (Non-redeemable)1.100%
60 - 89 Day Term (Non-redeemable)1.250%
90 - 179 Day Term (Non-redeemable)1.800%
180 - 269 Day Term (Non-redeemable)1.900%
270 - 364 Day Term( Non-redeemable)2.350%
1 Year (Non-redeemable)2.500%
$1000 minimum on all of the above

*Rates are subject to change without notice.
*Conditions may apply.
*Additional terms and rates are available upon request.
*US Foreign Exchange Rates Subject to Change