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Westoba Credit Union

Online TFSA Application

Building Community. One Investment at a time.

Welcome to Westoba’s online TFSA application. We are excited to offer another great online service to our members. You now have the opportunity to open a Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) from anywhere!

Not a Westoba Member?
Not a member with us? To find out more about our products and services check out our website, talk to our local TeleService Team toll free at 1-877-WESTOBA, or visit any of our branches.

Are you a member who presently has a TFSA?
Are you a member looking to make a deposit to your existing TFSA contract? If you currently hold an TFSA with Westoba deposits may be made by:

Are you a member who does not presently have a Westoba TFSA?
If you have not opened a TFSA previously with Westoba and are interested in doing so, you’re in the right place! Follow these easy steps to complete your online “Application”:

  • You must read the Declaration of Trust
  • Specify the “Investment Details” indicating which account the funds are to be taken from and which product type to deposit to.
  • Our TeleService Team will receive the information and will acknowledge your request with a return email.

Once your “Application” is received and verified, the financial transaction will be processed. Westoba will make every attempt to contact you in the event necessary information is missing or lacking. Please note, if for some reason we are unable to contact you, the transaction will not be processed.

If you have any questions about online TFSA’s email infowcul@westoba.com or call our TeleService Team 1-877-WESTOBA and our qualified staff will be happy to help.

To continue, select the “Accept” button and complete your online TFSA application.


Not for you?
Westoba has a wide variety of investment products and services. Talk with our Financial Planning Solutions Team, our local TeleService Team at 1-877-WESTOBA, or visit any of our branches and let us help make a plan for the FUTURE YOU.