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Westoba Credit Union

Shawna Wilkins

Background and Experience

Hello, I am Shawna Wilkins. I’m a Financial Planner with Westoba Credit Union. I believe having a
financial plan in place is the key to success. I have been using the financial planning principles with
members since 2001 when I received my Certified Financial Planner designation. My profession
lets me make a meaningful difference in people’s lives by helping make financial dreams come true.

How Can I Help You?

It’s important to know that you do not need a lot of money in order to benefit from a financial plan.
A good financial plan starts with talking about your personal and financial goals and figuring out the
best way for you to achieve them. I make the financial planning process easy and, with regular
meetings, we review your progress and adjust your plan as needed. It’s about making a financial plan
to fit your life and suit you.

Let’s talk about what your financial plan looks like!


Financial planning is offered by Credential Asset Management Inc.