Westoba Credit Union

Our Commitment to Accessibility

Our commitment to our members inspires us to ensure accessibility for all our members. We take all reasonable actions to ensure all members have access to our services. We go above and beyond to ensure that the accessibility needs of differently abled members are accommodated with Dignity.*


Support persons and/or service animals

Our branch staff is educated and trained to accommodate our members with disabilities and welcome them to bring their service/guide animals or support/guide person on our premises while conducting business. It’s important to note that all actions will be taken keeping in mind our privacy policy.


Communication and Emergency notifications

Our staff is upskilled to communicate with people with disabilities, taking into account their disability.


Disruption of Services

We endeavour to notify our members as soon as possible in the event of a disruption of service, unexpected or planned. The branch manager(s) would be the point of contact for further information regarding such disruptions, including the cause of disruption and availability of alternative options. A notice informing about the disruption of service will be placed on the premises.


Customer Service Training

Accessibility training will be provided to all our employees to make sure that they understand how to effectively offer service to persons with disability. Such training will be provided during the probation period of each employee. Any update in the accessibility policy will be shared with all employees.


Feedback and complaints

We strongly encourage our members to provide feedback if they wish to. The feedback could be regarding your experience with our accessibility services or a suggestion for improvement.

You may contact the credit union branch manager or write to us via email: accessibility@westoba.com.

You could also call 1-877-WESTOBA or write to us:

Accessibility at Westoba
220 10th St Unit C.
Brandon, MB R7A 4E8.

Within the context of this policy, all issues will be addressed through our regular complaint management process and procedures.


Accessible Format and Communication Supports

Should you require a document in an accessible format or an alternate communication process, kindly notify your branch and all reasonable efforts will be made to offer support.


Physical premises

Any new building construction or substantial renovation will undergo keeping in mind the accessibility needs of our members as well as our employees. Regular assessments of existing business spaces will be done and required action will be taken to eliminate any issues noticed by the internal assessment team.

See our branch accessibility grid below.

 Curb cutsAccessible
entrance door
Corporate Office - BrandonYesYes
18th & Kirkcaldy - Brandon
34th & Victoria - BrandonYes
1st & McTavish - BrandonYesYesYesN/AYes
Portage - WinnipegYesYesYesN/AYes
Pembina - WinnipegYesYesYesN/AYes
The Pas
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
Swan Lake
Under ReviewYesYesN/AYes
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
Pilot Mound
La Riviere
Under ReviewUnder ReviewUnder ReviewN/AYes
Under ReviewYesYesUnder Review Yes
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
Under ReviewUnder ReviewYesN/AYes
*Dignity means to recognize the privacy, confidentiality and autonomy of persons with disabilities.