Fixed Rate vs Variable Rate Mortgages: Finding the Best Fit for Your Situation

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One of the first decisions homebuyers face, from first-time homebuyers to those looking to renew their mortgage, is whether to select a fixed or variable rate mortgage. Deciding the best fit for you will depend on your unique situation. To help you make the best choice, we broke down the key differences below.

Fixed and Variable Mortgage Comparison

To lock in your rate or not is always the question. Here are some key differences to make the answer easier:

Fixed Rate
Variable Rate
Interest Rate
  • Rates remain the same throughout

    your mortgage term

  • May have higher rates than variable
  • Can change at any time
  • Often a lower rate than fixed
  • Payments
    Payments remain the same for the termPayments remain the same for the term so long as you do not reach the trigger rate*
    Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Tends to have a higher pre-

    payment penalty

  • Penalty is greater of interest

    differential or 3-month interest if you pay off mortgage before end of term

  • Tends to have a lower pre-payment


  • There is a 3-month interest penalty

    if you pay off your mortgage before end of term

  • Pre-Payment Privileges
    Can make additional payments up to 20% of original mortgage balance annually Can make additional payments up to 20% of original mortgage balance annually

    * The trigger rate is the point at which the interest rate on your mortgage has increased to the point where your fixed monthly payment is only covering interest and not any of the mortgage’s principal balance. 

    Finding Your Mortgage Match

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