Congratulations Sarah Ferguson on 10 Years with Westoba

Date: May 14, 2021

Congratulations to Sarah Ferguson on celebrating 10 years with Westoba! Sarah is an incredible part of Westoba and brings so much enthusiasm and knowledge to team Westoba.

She has been with Westoba since she was hired as an Member Service Representative (MSR) Summer Student at our 1st Street branch. She returned to 1st Street as an MSR full-time shortly after graduating from ACC!

As one to wear many hats and always accept new challenges, she then moved into our Virtual Services department before returning back to the branch life as a Financial Consultant at our Victoria Branch. From there she has been a Financial Consultant at the 1st Street branch, Branch Manager for the Rivers & Souris branches, Branch Manager at Victoria branch, and Branch Manager at the Kirkcaldy branch – with a couple of maternity leaves in between.

Most recently, Sarah has taken on the exciting new role of Manager of Virtual Services and has been in this role since the end of April.

Help us celebrate Sarah’s incredible milestone of ten years and her latest position within Westoba by congratulating her virtually over on our social media!