Improving your online banking experience

Date: September 29, 2020

Introducing our “How-To” pop up tool to navigate your Westoba online bank account 


We want to make sure our online banking service is the same quality we’re known for in personAs more and more of our members transition to accessing their account digitally, we developed a tool to help you get your banking done in a seamless, simpleand efficient way 

Next time you log into your Westoba online bank account, you will notice a bright orange box at the bottom right of your screen. “Need Help” will provide you with six assistant options to help you navigate your digital experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 

Please watch below for an early look at your new digital friend. 


As you can see, clicking any of the categories will reveal launch-able walkthroughs that guide members on how to complete specific activities on MemberDirect. 

Walkthroughs are available for the following categories:  

1.Direct Alerts 

2.Bill Payments 

3.Email Money Transfer 

4.Personal Access Code 


6.Download Direct Deposit and PAD Form 

This service is only available with Westoba online banking through desktop at this time.


Our team focused on some of the basic questions that members may have. As we continue to improve this tool, we will add additional help items. Your feedback and suggestions are welcome, please send them to! 

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