Inspire Community Investment Committee Recruitment 2024

Date: February 5, 2024

Become a volunteer on the Westoba Inspire Community Investment Committee.   

Applications for the Community Investment Committee will be accepted February 5th – 23rd, 2024. Complete the form below to apply.   

Committee positions available to active Westoba Members only.   

Apply Here!  

About the Community Investment Committee  

The Community Investment Committee meets bi-annually in Brandon or virtually in April and October to review applications. Committee positions are a 2-year term.  

We strive to include representation from different communities. Priority will be given based on diversifying the committee.  

“Being part of the Community Investment Committee was such a privilege. To hear about the amazing projects that our communities are actively fundraising for, and to see the level of commitment from volunteers in all our areas toward these projects is so eye-opening. To know that Westoba is making a difference in these communities by giving back to their project(s), makes me so proud and is so heartwarming. I highly recommend sitting on this committee so that you can be part of making a difference in one of these organizations lives and to go through the selection process to see how these organizations are chosen.” – Jackie Shoemaker, Westoba Branch Manager.