Meet Our 2023 Student Bursary Recipient!

Date: August 11, 2023

Westoba Credit Union is pleased to announce the 2023 recipient of our $1000 Student Bursary! 

Our Student Bursary Contest took place in June where we asked 2023 Manitoba High School Graduates about their outstanding school and community contributions and what being a credit union member means to them for a chance to win a $1000 bursary towards their educational goals. 

“Westoba values and embraces a commitment to people, innovative thinking, learning, and knowledge,” says Jim Rediger, Westoba’s President and CEO. “We believe our scholarship program should align with these values and reward students who have demonstrated leadership within their school and have contributed in a positive way to making their school and community a better place.”   


Congratulations to our 2023 bursary winner, Avery Simard!  

Avery recently graduated from Neelin High School in Brandon, Manitoba. Avery has been actively involved in her community for many years in and outside of her school. 

“Westoba recognizes driven, up-and-coming students like Avery who are ready to commit to building a better world,” says Rediger.  


Excerpt from Avery’s submission:  

“My name is Avery Simard, and I am a grade 12 student at Neelin High School in Brandon, Manitoba. I have been a member of Westoba Credit Union my whole life, so when I came across your 2023 student bursary contest, I was thrilled to be able to apply.  

As a dedicated member of my community, I have made many contributions to better our town in and outside of school. At Neelin, I am a member of the student representative council as a grade 12 representative. Every week our council has meetings to help contribute our ideas, plan school events, and try and make our school environment safe and inclusive. Many of my ideas have been brought to life, and I feel I have made a positive impact on our student body through my leadership. I am currently running a social media series where I highlight each graduate in our school, because I believe that everyone deserves to be recognized for their achievements. I also often volunteer through our council in the evenings and weekends to help organize and run events successfully and smoothly. This year I was also honoured to be chosen as the lead in our theatre department’s production of Anastasia, which I devoted hundreds of hours to preparing, rehearsing, and bonding with the arts department in our school.   

For me, being a credit union member means growth and change. I remember being five years old and getting a toonie in the mail on my birthday from my “Fat Cat” account at Westoba. It meant so much to me at the time and felt like a big amount, which shows how much I’ve grown since then. The Credit Union has supported me through all my financial endeavours, from depositing my allowance as a kid, to my first paycheck, to getting a savings account for college. I will continue to grow and will use Westoba to support me.”


Congratulations to Avery Simard, once again. Best wishes in your future scholastic endeavours! Thank you to everyone who submitted to our 2023 Student Bursary Contest, there were so many great entries. We wish all applicants success in your pursuit of furthering your education.