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Partner with a Business Advisor for Long-Term Success

Trades business owners are busy managing day-to-day operations, estimating jobs, etc., diverting attention from their finances.

Why Do I Need a Financial Fitness Checkup?

Just like with physical fitness, your financial fitness can grow stronger with the right planning and commitment.

Celebrating Shawna Wilkins’ Retirement

Congratulations to Shawna Wilkins on her retirement after 30 years at Westoba.

Welcoming Dustin Dyck to the Growing Financial Solutions Team

Dustin wants to empower and educate his members as they work toward becoming financially fit.

Why Do I Need a Financial Plan?

Ensure a sound plan is in place that matches your goals.

Succession Planning: Deciding Your Farm’s Future

Farm succession planning is far more than just passing the keys to the combine over.

Embracing Long Term Investments

The decision to lock that money away for long periods of time can be daunting, but there are many benefits to investing long-term.

November is Financial Literacy Month – 10 Years of Taking Control

An initiative started that seeks to improve Canadians’ financial literacy.

Rhonda Oakden, CHS, QAFP™ – New Manager of Financial Planning

Community and Collaboration: Committed to Finding Individualized Advice for our members