Welcome to Financial Fitness 2021

Date: January 11, 2021

What does it mean to be financially fit as a Westoba member?

It means you know how to make your money work for you, even if you only have a little bit to work with. It’s about being able to have the money you need, when you need it, while living in a way that doesn’t exceed your income earned or putting a financial strain on your savings goals.

As Henry Neufeld, Senior Manager of Member Experience says, “If 2020 was any indication, no matter how much we might plan, things can work differently than we intended. However, there are financial opportunities that are less challenging to navigate if you have safety nets in place. We want to boost your financial fitness while reducing those expected detours and to protect your future financial health.”

As your financial institution, it’s our job to advise you about making good choices that are in alignment with your financial priorities. With Westoba’s Financial Fitness, we can provide you with the knowledge and ability to cope with all the expenses and live your life the way you want, limiting those financial worries.

The Financial Fitness Hub

In the coming months, Westoba will provide resources for those interested in bolstering their financial literacy and who want to make adjustments to their financial plans. We are launching over 30 and more financial literacy blogs on westoba.com and our social channels including topics like:

Find all new articles on our new Financial Fitness page. You’ll find out more about Financial Fitness, what is a Financial Fitness Checkup, and see how healthy your finances are with the new Westoba Financial Fitness Quiz!

Westoba Financial Fitness Quiz

Our free 3-minute quiz is a quick and easy way to assess your financial wellbeing and get helpful tips on how you could improve your financial fitness. Answer questions about your debt management, budgeting, and life insurance and at the end come out with some actionable insights for improving your financial status.

You can take the quiz from the comfort of your own home or meet with one of our Financial Consultants and take it in branch (or virtually). Whatever works for you! Feel free to share results with our experts to start on a customized plan for your financial needs!

Financial Fitness Checkup

Staying on top of your health, you’ll most likely visit your doctor once a year. There’s something else you should be scheduling yourself in annually: A Financial Fitness Checkup.

This gives you the chance to investigate how you’ve done financially over the past 12 months and to review whether you’re still heading in the right direction when it comes to managing your finances. If it’s about time you spoke to someone about your finances, book a conversation with one of our financial consultants today.

Chat with us

We know Financial fitness is different for everyone. The resources above are tools to help you get started on your financial journey or to guide to stay on the right path. Life plans can change, with them, so can your financial needs.

Stay tuned for more Financial Fitness news in the coming weeks at westoba.com/financialfitness and on our social channels:

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