Welcoming Dustin Dyck to the Growing Financial Solutions Team

Date: January 18, 2021

You could say Dustin Dyck is Westoba’s newest financial caddie. Not only is he one of our newest employees but he brings his 2-time golf champion mindset as a Financial Advisor with Westoba’s Financial Solutions team.

Dustin made history last year when he won the 87th annual Tamarack Tournament at Clear Lake Golf Course. In the history of the tournament, only seven golfers have won the golf tournament back to back.

For a pro golfer, their relationship with their caddie is one of trust and accountability. A good caddie carries with them a wealth of wisdom about the course, the weather conditions, the lie, the game, and the player.

“We are very pleased to have Dustin join us. In his first several weeks with the team, he’s demonstrated his passion for helping families and business owners to achieve their goals. He’s invested in every member relationship, educating them so they will be comfortable in their futures,” shares Rhonda Oakden, Manager of Westoba Financial Solutions Ltd.

Dustin Dyck financial advisor with Westoba

(Image Courtesy of the Brandon Sun & Thomas Friesen) – Dustin is the first person to be a medalist in the 230 person field qualifying in the year in which he defended his title.

It’s no surprise Dustin has found himself coaching others. Early in his youth, he knew he was interested in being a teacher or advisor in some aspect. “I’ve always wanted to help people but just didn’t know where,” Dustin adds. “When I got my first real job, I realized that I needed to be more than just frugal to afford the lifestyle I wanted now and in the future. I needed to budget strategically, figure out how best to invest my money; it led me to do my own research on a variety of financial topics.”

This new respect for financial management led Dustin to pursue a career in the financial services industry. He obtained his Mutual Fund license and worked for a couple of years as a traditional banking advisor with a large bank selling investments and financial products. Ultimately, however, he realized that he was more comfortable in a non-sales environment. He wanted to be able to really help his clients, be on their side and provide unbiased, financial advice.

Dustin and the Financial Solutions team provide advice and counsel in planning areas such as life insurance, retirement savings, group benefits, or education savings, as well as coaching on pension or investment management decisions.

“I want to empower and educate my members as they work toward optimizing their finances and becoming financially fit. As a team, we can create unique financial plans and retirement plans so our members can live their best lives with the money they have,” says Dustin.

Certified to sell mutual funds through the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI), Dustin is currently working towards his Professional Financial Planner (PFP) certification and his insurance license.

From all of us at Westoba, welcome to the team, Dustin!

Do you have investments, but lack long-term plans? As a Financial Advisor at Westoba, Dustin can help you define your financial objectives and develop a personalized strategy to meet your goals. Schedule a financial “tee-time” with Dustin today!

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