Westoba Recognized as Finalist for National Award

Date: July 29, 2020

Westoba is proud to have been recognized as a finalist in the IT World Canada (ITWC) Digital Transformation Award program. This national awards program that receives nominations from companies and public sector organizations in Canada shines the spotlight on organizations that are leveraging technology to revamp their approach to digital operations.   

As an organization that serves urban and rural communities, Westoba has put a focus on implementing new processes and infrastructure to bring much-needed network stability to be able to serve our members without disruption.  Westoba’s honoured to be recognized in the Small Private Sector category by the independent panel of industry experts who judge the awards based on several key considerations. 

“Digital transformation needs to be a team effort, it’s not something IT does and then layers onto a company,” said lead judge Gary Davenport. “By forming a working group to focus on the institution’s pain points and digital future, it guaranteed employee buy-in of the required changes. That’s a lesson others can still learn.”  

WCU Board of Directors identified the organizations digital future as a significant focus to stay relevant in the financial industry.   

“Having our hard work recognized nationally is very exciting for our organization,” said WCU’s President and CEO Jim Rediger. “We take pride in our team approach in everything we do. It enables us to continuously improve service and offer new technology to our members.”     

Westoba’s Senior Director of Information & Digital Technology, Norman Neil notes that speed, stability, autonomy, and security are critical to a solid IT network architecture. “Our members have seen improved service time and peace of mind regarding security with these changes.” said Neil. “It has opened the door for future technologies, and we are excited about the direction we are going.” 

Westoba continues to invest in technology as part of our continuous journey to being nimble and forward thinking!