Why Join The Westoba Board of Directors?

Date: December 10, 2020

Did you know that by being a member at Westoba Credit Union you are eligible to apply to be on our Board?

By serving on our Board of Directors, you could help guide the organization and act as a voice for the membership! You’d have the chance to make a difference – and that’s a pretty powerful thing.

So why join the Westoba Board of Directors? Check out this video from Westoba Board of Directors Secretary, Liz Roberts, on the benefits that she gains from being on the board!

Currently, Westoba is looking for three new enthusiastic, skilled members to join the Board of Directors and contribute their expertise to the future of Westoba Credit Union Ltd. A Call for Applications is being held for the following districts:

  • District 1 (Brandon/MAXA),
  • District 2 (Carberry/Souris/Rivers/The Pas/Glenboro), and
  • District 3 (Killarney/Ninette/Cartwright/Swan Lake/Pilot Mound/La Riviere/Winnipeg).

By joining the Board of Directors, you will expand your skillset through the exposure to all aspects of Westoba’s operations. It also presents a leadership opportunity as you will need to help make decisions that are in the best interest of both the members and the credit union. As well, you will expand your network while representing Westoba at events or conferences.

This is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with others in building something incredible – a great credit union! To learn more about this opportunity, click here. Or to download the application form, click here.

Nominations close at noon (CST) on December 18, 2020. Good luck to all applicants!