Estate Accounts


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Losing a loved one is emotionally difficult and, if you’re the executor or administrator for the deceased, you’ll have to handle the deceased’s finances, often while coping with your own grief.

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For deceased Westoba members, once you notify us of the death, we can help you set up an estate account and settle the deceased’s affairs.

Estate Planning

To notify us of the death, you’ll need to bring us the following documents:

  • We require an original Funeral Director Declaration or a government Death Certificate.
  • An obituary provided by a next of kin is acceptable for notification of death; however, we’ll need the above documentation to proceed with an estate account.

For further information on what needs to be done following a death, click here to visit the Service Canada website.

How We Can Help


  • Upon receipt of required documentation, we can determine how to handle the deceased member’s account and establish an estate account.
  • Accept items payable to or from the Estate once an estate account has been established.
  • Accept deposits of CPP, Old Age Security, payroll, and company pension into an estate account within the month of death.
  • Pay funeral expenses from the estate account, with authorization from the executor or administrator.

For further information on what needs to be done following a death, click here to visit the Service Canada website.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney for property (POA) gives someone you trust the power to make financial decisions on your behalf — if and when it’s necessary.

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Financial Planning for Survivors

When a loved one passes away, you may be concerned about how the loss of income will affect you and your family. A member of our Financial Planning Solutions team can help you through this difficult time.

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