Savings Accounts

This is right for you if… you are saving for something special, putting money away for a rainy day or planning for retirement. Get there faster with the right savings account.

Plan 24

Plan 24

This account is right for you if… you want to earn maximum interest on a fluctuating balance. You can deposit or withdraw money any time you like. Features: Our daily interest savings account.

  • No minimum balance required
  • Interest calculated on your daily closing balance and paid monthly
  • Higher interest paid on higher balances
  • No-fee for withdrawals or deposits done in-branch
  • Member Card® debit card available
  • Free ATM withdrawals at any credit union
  • Free access to online banking and 1-877-WESTOBA


  • Make the most of your money with interest calculated on your daily closing balance and paid monthly
  • Enjoy the flexibility to access to your money any time

Fees: No monthly fee. Pay only for the services you use.

  • $1.50 per Point of Sale (POS), pre-authorized debits or bill payment debits
  • $3 print statement fee (electronic statements are free)


Tax Free Savings Account

This account is right for you if… you are looking to save a little, or a lot! Earn tax-free interest while you set money aside for a wedding, down payment on a house or a rainy day. A Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) is a great way to kick start that emergency fund you’ve been neglecting.

To open a TFSA you must be 18 or older with a valid social insurance number (SIN) and are looking to set money aside tax-free throughout your lifetime.

Features include

  • Deposit (variable and fixed plans) or mutual fund plans available
  • Eligible contribution room will carry forward
  • Deposits can be made through automatic transfer through online banking, in-branch or with 1-877-WESTOBA
  • There are penalties for contributions over the limit