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Mortgage Comparison

What is a variable rate? How does an open or closed mortgage work? How do you know what is the best for your situation? Speak with one of our friendly, professional Mortgage Specialists today and we’ll explain everything and find a mortgage that works for you.

Whether you’re buying your first home, building a cottage or looking to downsize, Westoba has the perfect Mortgage Package for you. Take a look at our options:

Fixed Closed

Fixed Closed Mortgage

With our fixed-rate closed mortgage you’ll always know exactly what your mortgage payment will be, no matter how interest rates changes.

  • Interest rate is fixed
  • No prepayment allowed
  • 1-5 years

*Ask about our annual prepayment priviledge on anniversary date

Fixed Open

Fixed Open Mortgage

Get the security of a fixed interest rate and the flexibility to pay off as much of your mortgage as you want, whenever you want.

  • Interest rate is fixed
  • Monthly payments
  • 1-5 years

Variable Rate

Variable Rate Mortgage

Going with the flow of changing interest rates might be the option for you!

  • Interest rate fluctuates with prime rate
  • Increase your payments up to 20%
  • Open


We know mortgages and how ask the right questions to make sure you get what you need. Let's talk about your options!


Buying or renewing? Take a look at our competitive variable and fixed mortgage rates.