Video Banking Appointments

We are making banking with us easy, convenient and during the time of COVID-19; safe. If you are making a meeting with your Financial Consultant, Mobile Mortgage Specialist, Financial Planner or anyone on the Westoba Team, request for it to be a virtual “face to face” by using Microsoft Teams.

How will it work?

  1. When making your appointment request for it to be virtual.*
  2. Our Team will set you up with an appointment time and email you a link for you to access our secure system. Instructions will be sent and we are available to help troubleshoot and get you logged in.
  3. Use the link, follow the steps and ta-da, you will be ready for your video banking appointment using Microsoft Teams.

Let’s start talking about how we can make your financial dreams happen, make a video banking appointment today!



Click here for a step by step infographic to using Microsoft Teams.
Click here for a walkthrough on how to use Microsoft Teams.


*Dependent on the meeting, some require it to be in-person.