Westoba Inspire Community Investment Program

Application is now closed. Application will re-open September 1-30, 2024.

Who We Are

Inspiring Change. Inspiring Growth. Inspiring Vibrancy.

Westoba believes in staying connected and engaged in our communities. Each year, we invest in our members and our communities through a variety of donations and sponsorships. As a member-based organization, we want to invest in areas of most value to our members and focused on building sustainable community infrastructure.

How to Apply

Application is now closed. Application will re-open September 1-30, 2024.


To be eligible for funding, requests need to support community infrastructure projects that:

  • Are initiated locally or have a clear local impact;
  • Are inclusive and bring people together;
  • Are long-term or multi-functional; and promote staying, participating and engaging in an enriched community.
  • Beneficiary organizations must be a registered charity or have a designated fiscal agent that is a recognized charity accept the funds on their behalf.

What is a Fiscal Agent?

Organizations that do not have charitable status must have a registered charity accept the funds on their behalf/act as their fiscal agent.


Requests that are considered ineligible for funding include:

  • Religious or politically oriented based requests;
  • National or provincial focused charities that do not have a local impact;
  • Anything that is organized for personal gain or individual and private business requests;
  • Completed projects;

To inquire about the eligibility of your project, email us at buildingcommunity@westoba.com or stop by your local Westoba Branch to discuss your project anytime throughout the year.