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Westoba Credit Union

Get your mortgage without the stress!

Let’s talk about our 120 Day Rate Guarantee.

Get pre-approved with Westoba and hold your rate for 120 days while house-hunting without the stress!

With recent changes to the Bank of Canada interest rates, and economists predicting more, there has never been a better time to get pre-approved and lock-in your mortgage rate with our 120 Day Rate Guarantee!

Why should you lock in your rate?

Once pre-approved, your rate is locked in for 120 days, so you can look for the home of your dreams without stressing about your rate creeping up. If rates go down, you will automatically get the lowest rate guaranteed!

How does Westoba handle mortgages?

We talk about your financial goals instead of just crunching numbers. We start with a conversation to learn more about you and your home owning goals, and go from there. As your financial fitness partners, we build a plan together that meets your specific needs without the stress.

Let’s Chat!

Call 1-877-WESTOBA or make an appointment with a Mortgage Specialist and become an Official Stress Free homeowner with Westoba!