New to Canada Program Products & Perks

Date: April 14, 2021

As we mentioned in our last blog, We are here to help new CanadiansWestoba has invested in programs and services specifically designed for new Canadians.   

We offer three products that are part of our New to Canada Program that set us apart from our competition. They include: 

  1. New to Canada Mortgage – Helps newcomers and foreign students purchase their most important investment in Canada, a home! We know that one mortgage does not fit all and that exceptional circumstances, like coming to a new country, require exceptional solutions. Members who put 25% down are eligible for a no income required mortgage product.  You can learn more about the New to Canada Mortgage by clicking here.
  2. A no fee chequing account for one year – Members can comfortably know that they will not incur any service charges for their first year in Canada. We will help newcomers become familiar with the Canadian banking system which will ensure that they make informed financial decisions.
  3. A guaranteed approval credit card up to $1,000 – Helps newcomers establish credit history in Canada. Establishing a healthy credit history is critical in ensuring long term financial success. Watch for our next blog that provides steps to build up your credit.

In addition, we also offer financial service support in different languages through our We Speak your Language Program. If you prefer to do your banking in your native language, let us know when you book your appointment and we’ll do our best to meet your needs.

If you have questions, we are here to help! Call 1-877-WESTOBA or click here to make an appointment.