Download a Void Cheque for Direct Deposits through online banking

Date: January 2, 2023

Did you know…You can download a direct deposit or pre-authorized debit form at your convenience?

You can use this service to provide your banking information to an individual or business so you can be set up with an electronic deposit or withdrawal with your Westoba account. It provides required details about your account, so you don’t need to provide blank cheques or fumble through finding your banking information!

Whether you recently joined a gym (awesome!), need to pay rent, looking to set up monthly insurance payments and so on, a voided cheque created by Westoba is a more secure way to provide the correct details about your account.

Marked with “void” across the front of it, it “disables” the cheque so that it can’t be used as a blank cheque. Here is what appears on your direct deposit voided cheque:

  • The name of your credit union
  • Your institution number, transit number, and full account number

Void cheque from direct deposit

How it works

  1. Log into your online banking – from your desktop or browser.
  2.  Click my ACCOUNTS
  3. Click MY ACCOUNTS at the top of the menu
  4. CHOOSE & CLICK on the Account you wish to access information for. You will need to scroll down to find a listing of all your accounts.



The form will download automatically and save to your Downloads folder on your computer.

That’s it ?

We’re happy to provide this service. Please contact our Virtual Services if you have questions or need guidance 1-877-WESTOBA or