Relationship Manager

Greg Doerksen

Westoba Business Banking Relationship Manager Greg Doerksen

Greg Doerksen

Relationship Manager

Serving: Winnipeg and surrounding area

Office Phone: 1-877-WESTOBA ext. 8351

Cell Phone: 204-792-3054

Background and Experience

I grew up in southern Ontario and moved to Manitoba when I was 20 years old. I currently reside in Winnipeg with my wife of 27 years. We have three adult children.  

I have worked in the credit union system for 28 years and began my career on the frontline as a Member Service Representative.  Most of my time has been spent in the roles of Commercial Lending and Branch Management.  I’ve taken too many training programs and workshops to count, but with some specifically being in economics and accounting at the University of Manitoba.  

How can I help you?

Helping others with their finances is not just a job for me – I approach it very personally and it has been an integral part of my life for nearly three decades.  I have a relaxed approach to life and financing and make sure the members feel that way as well.  I like to “get my hands dirty” at home, whether it’s renovating something around the house or working on my car. I look at helping members with their finances in the same way – there’s no business or financing opportunity that I’m afraid to look at or learn more about. 

A relaxed and personal approach to banking is to your benefit.  Banking doesn’t have to be stuffy or so formal…that is not me as a person nor how I approach a financing opportunity with someone.

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