Date: March 10, 2023

Voting for District 1 is now closed


Meet Your District 1 Candidates 

Below are the names and biographies of the candidate’s seeking election in:   

District 1 (Brandon/Maxa) 

  • If you are a member in District 1, please exercise your democratic right to vote in this election.  

Scott Lamont – District #1

My family has lived in the Brandon area and been members of Westoba Credit Union for more than 50 years. My wife, Louise, is retired. We have three children and six grandchildren. I am currently on the Board of Westoba Credit Union completing a three-year term after an earlier nine-year term. I chair the Audit and Risk Committee and the Policy Committees of the Board. I am an FCPA, FCGA, MBA and am the Vice-President Administration and Finance at Brandon University.

*Nominee is endorsed by the WCU Board.

Elizabeth Roberts – District #1

A long-time Brandon resident, I graduated from Neelin High School, obtained a B.ED.IV from Brandon University, and a M.A.Ed. from St. Francis Xavier University. I am a widow and in 2020 took a hiatus from board work to spend time in Ontario for my grandson’s birth and to assist my daughter and son-in-law.

My background in governance, strategic planning, policy, and leadership has been beneficial to my board roles. I served on Westoba Board for 9 years, participated as chair/committee member on: Policy, Governance, Community Investment, and Board Executive Secretary. Additionally, I was a committee member with Credit Union Central.

Other board experiences include: Workers Compensation; Brandon Police Board; Brandon Regional Health Foundation; and national boards – Human Resource Development Canada; and Twelve Canada.

I am excited to become re-involved, and work with staff and directors to contribute to the organization’s future in delivering a balance between member services, financial responsibility, growth, and community service.

*Nominee is endorsed by the WCU Board.

Nicolas Nowazek – District #1

I’ve lived on an acreage outside of Minto for the last 15 years. Before that I lived in Brandon. My dream was to own my own restaurant and I started driving truck to help get the down-payment to start it and found I like driving truck, so I started a trucking company. My experience with hard times and the economic factors with trucking would be of great value. After I got off council, I worked hard to get my business back on track, so I haven’t been as involved as I’d really want to be. 

The Board of Directors of Westoba Credit Union Ltd. recognizes that a strong Board will be comprised of Directors possessing an ideal combination of skills, experience, and attributes.  

The board is specifically interested in attracting new Directors this year with previous experience in agriculture, business, human resources, information technology, and business combinations and development.  

We ask you to please take this into consideration when choosing your candidates.  

The directors will be elected prior to the Annual General Meeting. All elected directors will be announced in mid-April.