COVID-19 Update – Westoba Branch Update 

Date: June 19, 2020

On April 3rdin response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we introduced the concept of a front door monitor at all our open locations. This was to help manage foot traffic and enforce proper physical distancing. Thank you to our members for following these practices we put in place and contributing to helping flatten the curve 

We are following the guidelines set out by the Government of Manitoba and starting June 22nd, we will no longer be locking the front door and having a front door monitor. Branches operating with temporary hours are retaining those hours until further update. Check your branch operating hours here. Our branch staff will be managing the number of people in the branch, ensuring we do not go over the maximum capacity our branches can accommodate while still adhering to physical distancing requirements 

What does this mean to you, our member? 

This means we are continuing to prioritize the safety of our employees, members and communities and with this change we will be even more accessible for your banking needs. We still encourage all our members to try to complete all their banking using online or virtual options (click here to learn more).  

What will visiting a branch look like now? 

If you are visiting one of our open branches please: 

  • Adhere to our physical distancing practices by standing 6ft apart. 
  • Use the hand sanitizer stations set up. 
  • Feel comfortable wearing a mask if you so wish. 

To find your branches temporary operating hours, click here.

What if a branch reaches capacity?  

  • If a branch has reached capacity the door will be locked, and a sign will be put up. Please physically distance outside the branch and you will be let into the building when the number of people in the branch decreases. 

The majority of our branch locations remain open and we continue to monitor the situation to ensure member needs are met. As our province navigates through the COVID-19 pandemic, Westoba is committed to delivering services to help you. We are reaching out to our members to check-in and see how you’re doing. If you are experiencing any impact on your financial situation, know that we are here for you. Please reach out and we can look at your situation and talk about options. Team Westoba is here to help.  


When will Westoba re-open the temporarily closed branches? 

Staffing constraints are still impacting our ability to staff our branches. We are updating our branches’ operating hours as quickly as possible, to view your branches’ temporary hours click here. Members can be reassured decisions will be based with them in mind and how we can best serve our communities while we work through reduced staff availability. 

What is the maximum capacity for Westoba branches? 

As identified by the Government of Manitoba, the maximum number of people permitted indoors is 25. This includes employees working, members in meeting rooms and members in line. For some of our smaller branches we have set maximum capacities based on square footage so we can safely adhere to physical distancing requirements.