Join The Westoba Inspire Committee!

Date: February 8, 2021

Applications to join the Westoba Inspire Community Investment Committee are now closed. If you submitted your application prior to the February 26th deadline then you will hear from us shortly.


Be Your Community’s Voice! Become a volunteer on the Westoba Inspire Community Investment Committee. To be considered for a position on this committee, you must be a Westoba member.

Applications for the Community Investment Committee were accepted from February 8th – 26th, 2021.

The Community Investment Committee meets bi-annually in Brandon or virtually in April and October to review applications. Mileage will be paid to attend meetings if travel is required.

We strive to include representation from different communities. Priority will be given based on diversifying the committee.

“I feel it’s important to get involved in committees that support your home community! The best part about being a committee member is being able to attend the presentations and see firsthand how much the people value our support.  If you are wanting to give back and volunteer your time why not consider being a part of this committee, there are only a couple of meetings a year.” – Brenda Gibson – Past Committee Member