Date: May 5, 2019

Westoba proudly hosted Sahlly from the Philippines through the CDF Canada’s Women Mentorship Program (WMP). WMP is an annual program that provides various women managers around the world a unique opportunity to visit different cooperative organizations for professional development. The program focuses on strengthening their professional, technical and leadership skills. The program provides two weeks of intensive classroom training, followed by a 10-day job shadowing experience in a Canadian credit union that provides one-on-one attention.

Sahlly shared her experience while she was with us:

“Being exposed to great people is an indispensable experience. I’m so thankful to Westoba Credit Union for the wonderful opportunity. The time I spent at the Corporate Office and some of their branches was really worthwhile. Everybody was awesome, approachable, willing to share and ready to listen. The encouragements helped me confront my weaknesses with courage. We had mutual learning when we shared our diverse credit union practices and experiences. I’m going back to my country with lots of insights. I am forever grateful to my host, Manon and to her indulgent family making me feel at home during my stay.”

During Sahlly’s stay, Manon Pascal, Westoba’s Chief Risk and Finance Officer was her host and had a positive experience with the program.

“The Cooperative Development Foundation has developed a fantastic program to leverage insights from both the mentor and the mentee. The Women’s Mentorship Program gave Westoba a chance to share our experience and knowledge with another cooperative, but also gave us an opportunity to learn from our mentee. The challenges are more similar that we realize even though we are thousands of kilometers apart.

It was a great joy to host Sahlly as she became another member of the Westoba, as well as my family in the 10 short days she was here. I look forward to many updates about Sahlly and BADEVCO as I see a great future for them both.”

To learn more about the CDF Women’s Mentorship Program, click the following link: