MB Farm Rural & Northern Support Services Donation

Date: January 23, 2023

The Westoba team enjoyed their time at Manitoba Ag Days last week and in the process were able to raise money for the Manitoba Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services.  

Following this year’s event theme, Farmer Health, Safety and Wellness, the Westoba team offered a Financial Trivia activity in their tradeshow booth. Visitors were given the option to win a Westoba promotional item or ‘Pass on the Promo for a Purpose’ and request a donation instead.  

Westoba matched the donation requests, and the funds were donated to Klinic Community Health in support of the MB Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services.

We are truly grateful for supporters like yourself and the Westoba Team, and your $500.00 donation to MB Farm, Rural & Northern Support Services is appreciated immensely,” said Kristy Sytkowski, Klinic Community Health Donations Team member. It is because of you and your team at Westoba that we are able to provide the life-changing services that we offer.