R & M HOMES – Quality Homes, Personal Service

Date: October 18, 2018

With a reputation for excellent, built upon the quality construction of more than 200 homes in Brandon and the surrounding area, Mark Bailey is quick to share his secrets for success.

“I believe you can get a high quality home for whatever budget you may have,” explains the president of R & M Homes. “Our staff takes great pride in that.”

Billed as “Brandon’s most trusted home builder,” Mark started R & M Homes in 2010 with his wife and father. Today, 35 employees oversee each stage of construction from site preparation and foundation to framing, roofing, exterior finishing, plumbing and electrical, drywall, flooring, cabinets, counters and more.

“We build from the ground up, which has been a huge success for us,” says Mark. “We can control the quality. We’re not waiting on any subcontractors.”

R & M builds can be found in most Brandon neighbourhoods, including newer subdivisions within Brookwood along Goldenrod Drive, Marsh Crescent, Harvest Bay and Bullrush Bay.

Mark’s latest development includes 18 luxury condominium units on Outback Drive in the city’s north. The units sold quickly, attracting discriminating home owners looking for superior craftsmanship.

“People appreciate the quality of our homes,” he notes. “It’s the number-one thing our clients say to us.”

Attention to detail started with R & M’s first builds in 2010; homes selling for $500,000 and up in a heated real estate market.

“The market has changed and we’re adapting,” says Mark. “We’re bringing high-end quality into the $350,000 price range. Paint, flooring and cabinetry…the quality of those kinds of items hasn’t changed. We’ve just come up with more price-friendly floor plans.”

Building anywhere from 20 to 25 homes each year, Mark estimates R & M could be the city’s largest supplier of single family dwellings, although he tips his hat to the other builders throughout Brandon and neighbouring areas for their hard work.

“We’ve been fortunate,” says Mark. “The community and surrounding area have been great at supporting us, allowing R & M to continue growing.”

Westoba Credit Union has been with Mark every step of the way.

“Personally, my family has always banked with Westoba,” he says. “My mom and dad set up my first account. As I matured, the people at the branch still recognized me. I always got that ‘family feeling’ at my Westoba branch.”

When starting his own business, Mark says he drew heavily from his time as a Westoba member.

“Honestly, I’ve based our customer relationships at R & M Homes on my experiences with Westoba. The personal experience is what I’m looking for. I think of our clients as family, not customers.”

Westoba salutes Mark Bailey and Manitoba’s 38,000 small business owners during 2018 BDC Small Business Week.