Student Bursary Recipients

Date: July 28, 2020

This year, Westoba ran a $1000 Student Bursary Contest to give funds to a 2020 graduate attending post-secondary education in the fall. This contest closed at the end of June, and we are proud to announce we received such fantastic submissions that we chose two winners to win the $1000 bursary instead of just one!

Congratulations to our two bursary winners, Emily and Catherine. As part of the submissions, we asked each applicant to answer what it means to them to be an active part of their community.

2020 Westoba Student Bursary Winner

Emily (pictured above) said…

“One of my favourite quotes from an unknown author is, “The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.”

To me, it means being dedicated to my neighbours and neighbourhood as well as actively seeking change for the better and aiding with that change.

In a quest to be more involved in my community, I stepped forward and was chosen to be part of the inaugural City of Winnipeg Mayors Youth Advisory Council. This has afforded me the opportunity to lend my voice to discussions on social, environmental and economic issues that impact my community. I hope to use this scholarship to pursue a degree in Political Science from the University of Winnipeg.”

On the left, our student bursary winner recieves her cheque from a Westoba employee

Catherine (pictured above) said…

“Moving to a new country was hard for my family and I. It was tough not knowing the language, and not knowing the land. It was, however, made easier by the people. The community of Souris welcomed us with open arms. They helped us settle in; they were patient with the language barrier and made us feel accepted in our new home. Looking back at how much the community has done for me, I wanted to give back.

For this reason, I have always immersed myself in the people around me. Involving myself in the community has really shaped the person I am today. It has helped me take on various responsibilities as well as build my confidence. Being an active member of the community has helped prepare me to become a responsible and active citizen who understands the challenges local people face. It has also helped me experience different cultures and build relations with people outside of my family.”