What’s Your Mortgage Match?

Date: April 18, 2023

There are multitudes of things that need to be factored in when finding you the perfect mortgageMany people know that when they go to get a mortgage, they will be looking at things like rate and deciding if they want a fixed or variable mortgage, but there is more to getting the right mortgage for you than just these things. In fact, a mortgage is far from a one size fits all product, and you deserve a mortgage tailored to you and your needs. 

Which is why Westoba has launched our Mortgage Matchmaker Quiz 

When you take our Mortgage Matchmaker Quiz, you will fill in your answers based on your current situation and what you are looking for in a house – whether that be buying an existing home or building a new oneOnce you’ve completed filling out the quiz, our Mortgage Matchmaker will tally up your answers and provide you with recommendations based on the information you’ve provided us.  

Still need some time to decide on what mortgage sounds like the one for you, or just want to review your results at a later date? You can email yourself the results by filling in your email address in the right-hand section next to your results! 

Or if you’re ready to take the next step towards getting set up with your mortgage, then after you receive your results, fill out the optional step to email yourself the results and make sure to tick off the “Would you like a Westoba Mortgage Specialist to follow-up?” checkbox to receive a follow up from us, and we can get your mortgage journey started. 

Check out the short video below to see the quiz in action! 

Ready to find your Mortgage Match? Take the quiz by clicking the button below. 


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