Date: October 1, 2019

Changes to your current chequing account will happen November 1st, 2019

In fall 2018, we introduced our WestobaONE FREE Chequing Accounts, where our members-only pay for services that you use. We created accounts that makes sense for the way you bank, you choose your additional add-ons based on the way you bank!

This is a notification that as of November 1st, 2019 if you have an E-ssential Plus, E-ssential Plus Unlimited, or StudentChoice account you will be switched to WestobaONE Chequing Account. To make this change happen, you do not need to do a thing! Everything will roll over on November 1st, 2019. Take our WestobaONE Quiz to determine if the account we selected matches the way you bank. If not, call us at 1-877-WESTOBA.

When it comes to banking and fees, we always practice transparency. Please review your current account and the WestobaONE Chequing Account you will be changed to:

Current ProductNEW WestobaONE Product
E-ssential Plus

Maximum 40 debits.
Pay per transaction for in branch and cheques.
WestobaONE FREE Chequing Account with

• Unlimited Self-Serve transactions (ATMs, Interac) add-on
$5.95 / month$5.95 / month
E-ssential Plus Unlimited

Unlimited electronic self-serve transactions.
Pay per transaction for in branch and cheques.
WestobaONE FREE Chequing Account** with

• Unlimited Self-Serve transactions (ATMs, Interac) add-on
$14.95 /month$5.95 / month
StudentChoice Chequing

Maximum 40 debits per month
Free withdrawals and deposits in branch
4 free ATM withdrawals*
WestobaONE+ FREE Chequing Account

30 free transactions of any kind.
Free / monthFree / month

*Includes all ATMs.
**Based on your e-transfer usage. Those with three or more e-transfers on average per month received the unlimited e-transfer package.

To learn more about WestobaONE FREE Chequing Accounts click here.
To review your previous product click here.

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